Social/New Media skills
Online Collaboration with Wikis and Online Documents
Audio Integration and Podcasting
Simple Video Recording/Production and Vodcasting
Screen Recording/Screencasting
Image Sharing and Communities
Social Bookmarking
Social Networks (MySpace, Facebook, Ning)
RSS as Consumer and/or Producer

Computer “Issues”
Cybercheats: Plagiarism and the Internet
Don’t Let Your PC Make You Hurt
(Basic stretching and ergonomics for computer users)

Computer Skills
Mouse Practice
Buying A Computer
Basic Computer Literacy
Getting Started with Computers
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Basics

Internet/Web Skills
Mouse Practice
Navigating the Web (Netscape Navigator)
Exploring the Web (Internet Explorer)
Welcome to the Web (Cross Browser)
Searching the Web
Introduction to E-mail
Internet for Kids
Families and the Internet
Netscape Tips and Tricks
Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks
Interactive Chat
Instant Messaging

Train the Internet Trainer
Netscape Tips and Tricks*
Internet Explorer Tips and Tricks*
*Taught with Trainers emphasis

Web Design
Principles of Good Web Design
Standards based xhtml
Cascading Style Sheets
DreamWeaver basics

Custom Classes
If I have the skills I will tailor a class to your needs, contact me for more information.

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